That lady in pink….

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Hello Everyone Thanks for Stopping by!

As a New Yorker we all can wait for the summer to arrive, and when it does we all or mostly all start prepping our Summer clothes. We start to feel this feeling of relaxation time is coming our way, personally I am one of them. As May arrives its finals days, I started searching through my wardrobe and luggage I usually set aside with Summer clothes, this during the winter time. And as June gets closer I start feeling the excitement of Summer time, one of my favorite part of the Summer is without a doubt mixing and matching outfit. I started learning  and feeling more comfortable mixing and matching outfits like this one when I was in High School, I was so fortunate to attend to  a Fashion High School. This was an environment were I felt familiarize, also a place were I Started learning to get hands on experience on how textures and fabrics can work together, and use our imagination to find the best pieces of textures, colors that can interpret your unique style. Fashion is a synonym of authenticity, of playing with our imagination, but always feeling ourselves and comfortable in the outfits we choose for the Day.

XO Jennifer

Outfit:  Top Kardashian Kollection, Skirt Boohoo, Handbag Anne Klein


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