Reviving the 90’s

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Hello Everyone!

Today was Photo shoot day, and it was a very pleasant one. My Photographer and I were debating on having my photos taken either on the Famous Bryant Park or South End close by Ground Zero. So we decided to go all the way to South End, one reason is that I have never been there after all the renovations made, And I am glad we chose this place for my photo shoot, why? because as we walked around the view of this place was very eye catching and attractive. I felt very comfortable and felt like a tourists, I also discover a hidden treasure which was a Mall constructed for people to visit and shop while indulging in the great view from the inside. So I was one of those lucky ones who got to enjoy the view while shopping. My favorite part of the trip to South End was, aside from taking pictures; was being able to enjoy the view from outside the mall, while I was sitting down and enjoying a piece of my favorite Tiramiasu cake and a Frappe. At that moment I felt in a Sweet paradise.

My outfit was just perfect for this beautiful escape, Even though our main goal was to take pictures of my 90’s inspired outfit, I just couldn’t resist to this awesome view. I am a believer that fashion is an industry that gives us the opportunity to evolve, to revive an to put our imagination on creating something different. This type of pants tight on top and loose on bottom, was the general silhouette for Women during the 90’s, and now is a fashion trend that revived the trends used during this time, but as I mentioned; fashion is  an industry of reviving and evolving but also putting our imagination on each garment design. As for the my hairstyle  I got inspired  from the 70’s and 80’s we could say that women in this case wore long hair, center or side parting. One particular hairstyle was  “Farrah Fawcett” hairstyle, which also incorporated curls, and this is were my hair comes to play, since I have natural curls I decided to incorporate my curls to this 90’s look. Thanks for Stopping by!

XO Jennifer

Outfit: Clutch from Tory Burch, top from Boohoo, Shades Ray Ban, pants from Stoosh from Macy’s 


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