Orange is the New Black

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to share with you how pleasant and relaxing time I had Yesterday, with my Little Family. After My Birthday which was on the 13th, I wanted to spend some time alone with my baby boy and Hubby. So we took a long walk around my Neighborhood, and stopped to take some pictures, of course. I love taking these kind of walks around my neighborhood, because every time is different, because Every time I get to discover new places I have not seemed before, and that makes me Happy to live in places that every time you walk around looks different than before. Now talking about my outfit, I can say I got a little obsessed with the Tribal Prints, But I just love how they look and the comfy they are, which makes it a great choice for New York city Summer time. Thanks for Stopping by!

XO Jennifer

Outfit: Handbag Kenneth Cole

 Tribal prints Pants Joe B from TJ Maxx

 Top FOREVER 21 Basics.



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