All around Central Park

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Hey Loves!

I want to share with you all a very Special Day, it was my Marriage Anniversary. This Day is very special one because my Hubby and I Celebrate it with lots of mutual Love and Support. And each Year is better because we get to turn a Year more together, and because this day is a very cherish moment, We wanted to make it a special one, and since I am a Nature lover, We decided to go to a Beautiful Restaurant in Central Park, that I never been to before and heard was a great place, to go on a Date or to Propose. The Restaurant it’s called The Loeb BoatHouse and it’s located on East 72 street, Central Park. I was amaze on the view it had, We had this incredible look as we dine, it was very romantic, the environment was pleasant and relaxing, quite what we wanted. The waiters were very nice, and the food was Delicious. If you guys ever go to Central Park, I truly Recommend this spot, The Loeb BoatHouse. Thanks for stopping by!

XO Jennifer

Outfit Details:

Dress Boohoo

Shoes J. Renee from Zappos

Clutch Tory Burch

Place: The Loeb BoatHouse in Central Park,East 72 street




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