Romantic Red…

Hey Loves!

Thanks for Stopping by, I am always excited to share with you all my outfit pictures, and a bit of story of what inspired me to wear a particular look. But for this one I just spontaneously decided to match this crop top that I recently bought, and had this pants that I haven’t had the opportunity to wear because I couldn’t find the perfect matching top for it, All I knew was that I wanted to wear something different than a plain tan top, and finally found this beautiful vertical white lines crop top, I wanted my whole outfit to be a bit different, but also didn’t want a top with too much information or designs on it, so I went shopping since I couldn’t find that perfect top I had in mind, and walking through ZARA, one particular top caught my attention. Guess which one?, YES, this crop top was just calling my Name, I could say It was Love at first Shop. I am so Happy that I bought this top because it was just what I had in mind, and Finally I got to wear this pants, before the Summer it Over. Thanks again for Stopping by and Have a Pleasant Weekend.

Xo Jennifer

Outfit of the Day:

Top Zara

Pants Stoosh from TJ Maxx

Lipstick Sephora


Bracelet Charming Charlie

Earrings Forever21



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