What it takes to Have a Confident Soul

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Today I am more than Happy and excited to share with you all, a very touching and inspiring topic. Why? because I truly believe in the power and the courage that we all have as individuals. This topic touches my soul and what defines my view of Life itself. This topic is entitled ” What it takes to Have a Confident Soul”. As a Judgmental society we tend to do thing to  please others and have this  kind of ” Perfect” image and/or reputation among others. Sometimes forgetting what we truly are and the things that really define our Personalities and our endeavors in life. But why? do we have this type of mind set to please what others see in you, and forgetting what is the most important view, ‘”The view of Yourself”. As I mentioned above some of this reason are, your reputation, what you want others to see in you, fit in, not feeling confident to express your true self, because of the fear that our society has put in our minds and daily image of what looks right to the public and what doesn’t. We all have experience a point in our lives were you are not sure what we are, the things we expect of Ourselves what is our personality, and most of the times, we can’t really define Ourselves. Usually this period is when we are Teenagers right?. Well I can honestly and openly admit that I have experienced that point in my life, When I was a Teenager in High School year, I wasn’t sure what I really wanted but all I knew was that I wanted to follow my Dreams and feel Proud of myself. I always knew that, but as a Freshman in High School we tend to focus on making new friends, fitting in, and be liked by others. I thought that by making friends and socialize My personality would defined as friendly, not knowing that what I truly was, couldn’t just be defined by One word. As I grew up mentally, I noticed that making friends and being social was not my goal , at that time and kind of is today Why?. Because I discovered that I am an Introvert person, I’m not afraid to say it, because I am Happy the way I am. I know that many can relate to this, and there is nothing wrong with that. As of today, I do not have close friends to tell my problems or my dreams to, not because I have trust issues is just that I don’t like sharing every aspect of my with others, Yes I do have friendly and awesome conversation with family members and I sure have things to talk about. But I am not the type of person that has numerous of friends, and that also defines who I am. I am a very confident Woman because I know who I am, the things that define me, the things that I don’t want in my life/the things that I want for my life. Being confident is not a matter of just saying you are but rather proving it to yourself and that way others will see that, and the people that want to be part of your life will learn to appreciate  that and love you for who you really are, accept you with your Flaws and virtues. Now talking about How to be more confident? , You need to stop comparing yourself to others; remember that, stay focused on the things you want in other words stay focused in YOU, Love yourself with Flaws your virtues and accept who you really are. Be positive and look for the good in every situation, even though thing sometimes don’t turn out how you wanted. Do what you love and Most importantly Be always You.

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Transitional Season

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Hope you are enjoying the beginning of the Fall, even though this season is quite short is not an excuse to laid off and not show our Fall pieces. As you may all know I love mixing and matching pieces, and use my imagination and of course use clothes that I have for a long time. This is the case, were I had this nude color pants since last year and only worn them once, and so I decided why not wear them again?. They are very comfortable and perfect for the transition Summer-Fall. Hope you all enjoy this casual outfit as much as I did.

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Welcoming the short Orange Spirit

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I am so thrilled to finally get my first outfit shoot, welcoming Fall season. As you may all know this season is the shortest of all, and I just couldn’t missed this awesome and fun opportunity to go and play a little bit with this navy color dress, as it is a trend for this season and also can be worn on the winter season too, isn’t it awesome? . But I know you all love a dose of the new latest trend, that is why I wanted to incorporate it to the whole theme of this post, FALL!. And what a better place to visually show you  that all  the leaves are starting to fall, than the Park, where you get a front row view of this beautiful and trendy season. Hope you all loved this post, as much as I enjoyed writing you and showcasing a trendy color for this season and giving you a visual paradise view of this amazing ORANGE season. Thanks for Stopping by!

Have a Great Fall Season!

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