Wandering around SOHO

Hello Everyone!

Thanks so Much for Stopping by.Today I am sharing with you all, this lovely and feminine outfit and as usual I love even more taking pictures of it, this to share with you all. This outfit I felt really comfortable in it, because it made me feel very girly and also it was very comfortable to wander around Soho. If you are no familiar with this area it’s a must go neighborhood, Specially if you are like me that love to shop, walking around Soho is like walking in into your favorite Mall, but instead it’s an outside experience. Which makes it even more especial, You get to see& shop at H&M, TopShop, BURBERY, Chanel, Prada, Coach to name a few. Tere’s also a lot of restaurants all around Soho. The restaurant we went was Soho Park, this place is great if you are with your family, and Don’t want to go to an expensive restaurant, I could say I like it, because it was an nice environment, my kid felt comfortable and we ate what we were craving for at that time, Burgers and French Fries. It also had an outdoor patio which I thought it was really nice. So guys I really recommend visiting Soho, if you ever in Manhattan. Again Thanks for Stopping By!

Xo Jennifer

Outfit of the Day:

Top H&M

Skirt Aeropostale

Shoes Montego Bay club

Handbag  Anne Klein

Matte Lipstick  by H&M


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