Then I will be thrilled

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all are having a very Productive and Motivational week, this following weekend will be very exciting and promising one. Because I will be attending the Simply Stylist New York 2015 Conference Panel event, hosted by Catt Sadler of E! news. I will be sure to warm up my finger for a Day full of fashionable photos, unforgettable moments, styling inspiration, and of course unforgettable memories, that I will be sharing on Instagram, so don’t worry I will be sharing lots of awesome pictures. It is a promising event That I am more than thrilled to attend, and to share with you what I am sure will be filled with  unforgettable memories through my Instagram. So stay tuned and Hope you are Having a Beautiful Rest of the Week.

Xo Jennifer

Outfit of the Day:

Scarf Chatties

Tribal pants Eye Candy by One Step Up

Ankle boots Db Dk

Jacket Neu Look

Bag Tj Maxx


Gray of the Sky

Hey Guys!

I am so inspired by the new color trends for this Fall 2015.I  wanted to share with you this outfit inspired by Fall color Trend 2015, because I love staying up to date with the latest in fashion trends, and couldn’t miss this opportunity to create an outfit that fit my style and also  that incorporated the colors for this Fall. I chose to create a set of combination of Gray, Wine Red, and Black. I chose Gray for two reason, because I love how constant this color is, and also dependable if you want to match it to the overall outfit, and of course I like Gray too. Next color is Red Wine, I personally love Red Wine, because it resembles Elegance,  Love and Passion. It works great as contrast for Gray, and Black. I also chose Black to be part of this Fall combination, because Black is a color that can work with almost all hues, I also change the Cardigan to a Night Black  fur Vest  as a transition Day- to -Night, i’ts a go to color and hassle free choice that works great for this Fall 2015 and if you are going for Brunch – Dinner occasion . Thanks for Reading!

Xo Jennifer

     Outfit of the Day:

Top Boohoo

Cardigan XXI

Black Jeans H&M

Cross body purse Tj maxx

Shoes n by Nicole Miller

Don’t Bend to Blend

Hello Everyone!

Thanks for stopping by, the weekend just started and we are all excited to go out and have some fun. Today I decided to Blog, because I love to share my outfit with you all, and tell you a little story or thoughts on my post. Today I wanted to share with you a topic that it’s very common among young society. The tittle might have you wonder, it had me wonder myself as I thought about it. But now I am going to explain in detail, what is behind this title. If you guys have read my previous post What it Takes to have a Confident Soul , you will have an Idea or a hint. But I am not going to make you wonder all your life right?,  like my previous Article, this one is very similar but focusing in how we as a  Young society, tend to please others and do things that others want you to do. I have learnt through personal experiences, that no matter how nice you are, how social you want to be or seem, people are always going to find that dark spot in your persona. I also learn that the only person that you need to be true it’s towards yourself, because if you are not true to yourself, is going to be very hard to know what are the things that you Don’t like and the things that you want in life. Life experiences are meant to teach you something, and taking the negatives and convert them into lessons. In my teenage years, I used to walk into a room full of people and wonder if they liked me, But now I look around and wonder if I like them. It may be a straight forward sentence, I guess, but for many this can be very challenging. Because we want to make new friends, be liked by others and sort of Blend in. Don’t let anyone change who you are for what they want you to become.

Thank you For reading!

Xo Jennifer

 Outfit of the Day:

Blazer  XOXO

Crop top Zara

Culottes Zara

Shoes Forever 21

Crossbody Bag Biacci