One of Our Greatest Weakness




Hello everyone!

Today I’m talking about ” One of Our Greatest Weakness”, a title given to one of the boundaries for our Dreams in Life. Guess what it is? yet, YES is giving up , I wanted to share with you all my personal opinion on this truthful tittle. Because it is so important to keep our Dreams alive, and to do this we must learn not to give up and lose hope on the first obstacle we encounter. I personally have encounter many boundaries along the way, but I am a true believer that Dreams can come true, if we encourage ourselves to work harder each and everyday. Some of the times we feel hopeless, and that’s OK, because we are not perfect and never will be right?. Because those who try something and fail, are better off than those who never try at all. I made a promise to myself to be Strong, to be optimistic even if things Don’t turn out how I expected it, Keep trying and never give up on your Dreams. I have learn through many obstacles, one of them I’m still in the process of Finishing, and has not been easy but hey, I want to pursue my Dreams and have a better and feel proud of myself, and look back and be able to say ” I did It”. I want my son andmy family  to feel proud of me, and they one of the main reasons I keep strong and optimistic through this though and little long journey. I wanted to get educated, go to College back in 2010, and so I did, at the beginning it was an easy and ongoing New experience, but as semesters pass and I couldn’t get through my long term enemy Math subject  (literaly) I wasn’t very optimistic, as I repeated this subject again, but I am a Dreamer and just when I thought I couldn’t handle it any more is when I push myself , one day I lay down on the Couch and as I am day Dreaming about my future, I made an important promise to myself to never give up, to be optimistic, and if I fail, and keep trying and trying until I make it. Here I am sitting on my computer desk, writing this, and can Happily tell you that I never gave up on passing this Math course, and I finally can say I did it; it wasn’t easy. But I was very motivated to try one more time after several times repeating it, and as they say ” The third time’s the Charm”.

Currently I am on my last semester of College, and feeling very proud of myself that I finally got through it, now I am even more motivated to keep chasing my Dreams and never let go of them, because even if obstacles get through your way handle them with courage, believe in yourself even if you fail couple of  times, because just when you think of quitting is when you should keep moving.

Thanks for Reading!

Remember Never give up

XO Jennifer

Outfit of the Day:


Black Jeans H&M

Shoes Forever

Handbag from Tj Maxx 

Ring Charlotte Russse

Watch Fossil 


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