Don’t Bend to Blend

Hello Everyone!

Thanks for stopping by, the weekend just started and we are all excited to go out and have some fun. Today I decided to Blog, because I love to share my outfit with you all, and tell you a little story or thoughts on my post. Today I wanted to share with you a topic that it’s very common among young society. The tittle might have you wonder, it had me wonder myself as I thought about it. But now I am going to explain in detail, what is behind this title. If you guys have read my previous post What it Takes to have a Confident Soul , you will have an Idea or a hint. But I am not going to make you wonder all your life right?,  like my previous Article, this one is very similar but focusing in how we as a  Young society, tend to please others and do things that others want you to do. I have learnt through personal experiences, that no matter how nice you are, how social you want to be or seem, people are always going to find that dark spot in your persona. I also learn that the only person that you need to be true it’s towards yourself, because if you are not true to yourself, is going to be very hard to know what are the things that you Don’t like and the things that you want in life. Life experiences are meant to teach you something, and taking the negatives and convert them into lessons. In my teenage years, I used to walk into a room full of people and wonder if they liked me, But now I look around and wonder if I like them. It may be a straight forward sentence, I guess, but for many this can be very challenging. Because we want to make new friends, be liked by others and sort of Blend in. Don’t let anyone change who you are for what they want you to become.

Thank you For reading!

Xo Jennifer

 Outfit of the Day:

Blazer  XOXO

Crop top Zara

Culottes Zara

Shoes Forever 21

Crossbody Bag Biacci


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