Then I will be thrilled

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all are having a very Productive and Motivational week, this following weekend will be very exciting and promising one. Because I will be attending the Simply Stylist New York 2015 Conference Panel event, hosted by Catt Sadler of E! news. I will be sure to warm up my finger for a Day full of fashionable photos, unforgettable moments, styling inspiration, and of course unforgettable memories, that I will be sharing on Instagram, so don’t worry I will be sharing lots of awesome pictures. It is a promising event That I am more than thrilled to attend, and to share with you what I am sure will be filled with  unforgettable memories through my Instagram. So stay tuned and Hope you are Having a Beautiful Rest of the Week.

Xo Jennifer

Outfit of the Day:

Scarf Chatties

Tribal pants Eye Candy by One Step Up

Ankle boots Db Dk

Jacket Neu Look

Bag Tj Maxx


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