Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving night yesterday. It was a night to remember everyday to be thankful for everything in our lives, to be thankful for what we have. Because nothing is more beautiful than a grateful heart. As we express our gratitude let’s never forget those who have less and let’s appreciate those who occupy an special place in our lives.Be Thankful for your Health because it will allow you to enjoy your love ones, be Thankful for your family, because having a place to call Home and be able to have someone waiting on you and whom to Love it’s one of our greatest blessings.When you Love what you have, you have everything you need. I am so Thankful for my Family, for the amazing and supporting people in my life, God has given me. Having someone to Love is Family, having some place to go is a Home, but having both is a Beautiful Blessing.

But now let’stalk Fashion… Shall we?

I wanted  My outfit to express the colors of the Holidays, and by having that in mind, I put on this Black skirt that I haven’t worn before. Also this top which was a gift from my mom. but also wanted to accomplished a classy yet effortless look by incorporating this killer white blazer, and black stockings, because black stockings for cooler temps never hurt anyone right? .

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 Outfit of the Day

Blazer Banana Republic

Skirt H&M

Ankle boots Report

Handbag Anne Klein





Breath Taking moment



















Hello Friends!

   I am more than Happy to share with you my Saturday Date night, with my Husband/Photographer/Friend/Soulmate. He invited me to one of the places he knows I always wanted to visit, The Beautiful Breath taking Empire State building. I was so excited and Happy to finally go all the way to the 86 floor, to witness with my own eyes the incredible and epic view  this building has from all the way up. As were heading to the building I couldn’t contain myself, I felt very excited like a kid with  New Christmas toy. When we finally got up there, we were amaze and emotional because It was the first time I realized how big is Manhattan and it’s surroundings, and thought to myself that everyday we should be grateful for the things that matter the most in our lives,one of those  are moments like this, that takes your breath way, and make you realize that your Dreams can be achieved and that you are one unique and Special soul, and that should motivate you to keep forward and always be appreciative for the moments like this that makes you feel that innocent excitement of a Kid with a new Christmas toy. But always with your feet touching the ground, and your Dreams up the Sky.

 As much as I enjoyed yesterday’s epic view , I also had to take pictures of our view from above, so you guys can also witness how Beautiful our view was, and that those breath taking moments should always matter, and be kept in a Special place in our hearts and memories.

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                                              Outfit of the Day:

Blazer XOXO

Top Daisy Fuentes 

Culottes Zara 


Cross body purse Shiraleah Chicago

Shoes Jessica Simpson

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Disclosure: This collaboration was sourced via Shopping Links however all opinions are my own.