My Sunny Side

Hello Dear Visitors!

As I was doing this Photo shoot, the only thing that came to my mind was the warmth of the Sun. As the cooler weather is heading it’s way, we get to think that our sunny side has to be hidden in our closets. And as we start to get prepared for the cooler temperatures, we kind of forget about our inner sunny side, the cooler temps  doesn’t have to kill your good  inner Sunny side. Since black is always a good Idea, and also the Fall color trend for this year, I have decided to incorporate Black into my Sunny Side Inspiration outfit. Black is a timeless color, because it can be worn season through season, and always look fabulous and elegant. I also have paired this beautiful loose skirt, with this Black and White blouse. I wanted to give this look a more elegant vibe to it, and this blouse came in very handy. I also wanted to incorporate brownish color pop into this outfit, and opt for this Cross body purse, and also my open toe ankle sandals. This milder brown tone gave a warmth and comfort to my outfit.

Now talking about my Sunny Side, and my go to accessories; I definitely always put on my Sunglasses. Because no matter how simple your outfit is, putting on your Sunglasses sort of gives you the power feeling, and praise your looks. Since what inspired me in the first place was the warmth of the Sun. I wanted to give my shots that kind of feeling, I really enjoyed doing this shoot because it unveil my Sunny Side and let the warmth of the Sun play an important part on my shoots.

Thanks for Stopping by!

Xo Jennifer

Outfit of The Day 

Blouse I Hearth Ronson

Skirt Boohoo

Open ankle Sandals Sole Society 

Sunglasses Cole Haan

Crossbody Purse Coach

My Folli Follie Sunny side

Special Thanks to Shopping Links for this Collaboration


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