Christmas Love








Hey Everyone!

Hope this week has been fantastic and productive so far. Wanted to share how much I enjoy this time of the year, not only it’s a time to spend with family but also a time where you get to stop around your neighborhood and find the cutest Christmas outdoor decoration, for me it can be a simple Santa Claus or Snowman figure, as long as it has lights on it I am more than Happy and joyful. Because I start feeling the Christmas spirit even more.

As a matter of outfit I felt very comfortable with this one, it evokes my street style, which I love, because living in New York gives me the opportunity to showcase this type of style. I wanted to give the overall outfit a chic style as well by adding this gray denim and y ultimate favorite hat, which on a side note helped with the wind and not letting my hair get on the way on the shots, well in most of them. But happily I managed not getting on my face. I enjoy incorporating hats to my street style specially during the cooler weather, because as I mentioned above it helps in managing your hair against the windy days, but also because this type of style Breaks the rules, you Don’t always have to try too hard on wearing everything or on part of what’s the latest fashion trends. Although yes I Love staying up to date with the latest fashion trend, but hey fashion is an Industry were you can play with different style right? as long as you feel comfortable in it.

Thanks for Stopping by!



Outfit of the Day 

Jean Jacket Canyon River Blues

Top Charter Club

Gray Jeans H&M

Ankle shoes Sole Society




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