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Hello you all!

Happy to be back and share this incredible outfit that I wore yesterday to attend The Winter Launch & Fashion Show of the first and only  Italian Men’s fashion and Italian lifestyle  Magazine Uomo Moderno. To tell you more about this amazing event were I got to meet the Publisher of this beautiful and trendy Magazine Francesco Di Maio , that can be take as a guide to  ” Living in Italian Style”. Uomo Moderno in English means Modern man, although this Magazine focuses on Man style in Italy it also incorporates Women style as well, during the duration of the Fashion Show I got to learn more about the materials used to make each pieces which are Milk and leather which the designer artisticly achieved to make them appear like jeans fabric, isn’t it awesome, that is one of the things that amaze me the most of the Fashion Industry and the talented designers, how they imagine, brainstorm ideas and start creating these artistic pieces made out of thing you never expect to be use in the making of fabric, like MILK. If Francesco publisher of Uomo Moderno wouldn’t mentioned that this pieces were completely made out of Milk Iwouldn’t even noticed, that’s how well done and detailed this pieces were.

This collection was also shown at the New York Fashion Week, this collection was named DuediLatte, and you might be wondering why Latte, you might think of Latte like the coffee beverages that we get on Starbucks, which is a mixture of milk and coffee, well think again, in fact Latte in Italy means Milk just pure milk. So if you want to grab some of this unique pieces, I provided you can do so by cliking here, and if you want to purchase the Men’s collection click here.




Outfit of the Day 

Faux Fur vest Forever 21

Jumpsuit Forever 21 

Mini Handbag Rampage 

Earrings Bar III

Bracelets Charming charlie




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