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Hello Dear Friends!

I am back with my favorite part of blogging, Which undoubtedly is outfit posting. As I was getting ready to attend a cousin’s wedding, I wanted to show you guys my wedding outfit, but unfortunately or fortune I didn’t have time to find the perfect location to shoot this lovely outfit.But just couldn’t miss the opportunity to share it with you guys. So don’t mind the backdrop, but I just couldn’t resist to the idea of not shooting it, mind if I tell you guys why?, first and for most this skirt I recently bought, it’s so magical when I put it on it made me feel so classy and  feminine at the same time, and that to me it’s very important. Taking a closer look at my skirt, there is nothing better than adding a romantic detail to your outfit than flowers. Pair it with red pointy shoes, and it’s perfection, am I Wrong in this?!

 Call me Hopeless Romantic if you like, but c’mon guys isn’t true. So this is the reason I was so excited and couldn’t contain the fact that this skirt was a magical piece I wore and obviously with flowers on them. I want to share what I have learnt throughout my life as a matter of what outfit to wear to a wedding you’re invited to. Shall I commence, the least you can do is look glamorous and decorative for the wedding album. Also I personally think that a dress or skirt too short or too tight, looks like you are seeking attention, sorry but it’s true. Secondly Don’t forget about your outerwear, what you will wear on top of your outfit, trust me on this it’s important. You need an appropriate coat or jacket, there is no point of wearing a Beautiful dress and have it hidden under a coat. Do try the outfit ahead of time, also don’t forget about the underwar/ accessories/shoes etc, as they are important factors to take in consideration before the wedding day. So keep in mind this tips of Do and Don’ts on what is the best way  to dress for a wedding.

Xo Jennifer

Outfit of the Day

Shoes (similar one)

Skirt (similar one)

Top (similar one)



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