Hello Friends!

Today I wanted to share my thoughts on how to love the way god created you. Now think about all the people who live in our planet, nobody has the same abilities, goals, talent, skills, personality, morals, priority, and we can go on. By having this in mind we can begin to realize that nobody is like you. Accept and enjoy your uniqueness, with your flaws, your virtues, your capacities, and all the things that make you a unique individual in this planet. Don’t be afraid to be different, treasure your uniqueness even if others won’t accept or love you the way you are. Be inspired by the fact that you re Unique.

When we truly accept the way we are, the process of loving yourself is easier. Not because you are better than anybody, but rather because your are a unique soul. For me this has been a process I have learnt through out my lifetime, and it was not easy, it doesn’t mean that I never ever loved myself. In other words, I mean that throughout my adulthood I have discover the true meaning of loving yourself. It was a process in which involved learning the things that don’t make me happy, setting my priorities in life, accept my flaws, and understand that not everything is going to be perfect every time. Facing obstacles, which have strength and mold me into the person I am today. That made me discover and understand myself better, so guys never be afraid to let go of the things or people that don’t love you or that don’t accept the way you are, I encourage you to to take a moment in your lives, pause it, and observe if it’s making you happy, or if the people or things surrounding you, it’s molding you into loving yourself or not.

Hope you Loved post!

Xo Jennifer

   Outfit of the Day

Red bodysuit Boohoo

Ripped jeans Zara (trf) collection

Shoes BeBe

Clutch Nine West

Watch Fossil 



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