Fashion Versatility


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Fashion is a topic that can be broad in interpretation. Is undoubtedly one of those topic that you get to hear everywhere, when we hear the word “Fashion” the first thing we might think is being the best dressed wearing the most expensive garments, think  Valentino, Isabel Marant; you name it. But then you think that in order to be the next Fashionista in the family or be the most glamorous of the crew you need to own expensive clothing . Hang on with that thought, of course some Valentino gems won’t hurt anyone, and then you think what’s my point here. Where I want to get with this is that Fashion is a noun that can be interpreted in various ways. Is a tool we use to express our feelings, our style, to define your personality; don’t get me wrong here, I am not trying to say that that’s what defines you point and black, but is a way of expressing your sense of self. So here is when versatility in fashion comes in play, if you are not sure  of what versatility means, or don’t know how versatility goes on par  with fashion, don’t worry that’s why I am here; to dissipate your doubts and give you a better understanding of it and demonstrate how essential it is. With no further ado, in the world of fashion, versatility is having clothes with multiple applications and be able to create various looks using an item. Now I will go ahead and mention the must-have pieces in your wardrobe, to nail the game. First you must have neutral colors, and solid colors, because you can style them with prints, patterns, or even do a chromatic look, and look absolutely fabulous. Like I did with  this new loose pants I recently purchased,  the reason I decided to get them is due to it’s versatility and the fact that I can wear them with a pair of white sneakers, boots and pointy heels like this one, but as you get better sense of your style or the colors or patterns that work together, neutral color and solid colors will become your best friends.To give you and idea of neutral colors, I will go ahead and mention them, this are black, gray, brown,tan, white, cream. It will be easy breezy if you decide to pair solid neutrals with patterns if you like.

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Pants H&M

Shoes BeBe ( unfortunately is no longer available) (similar one) (similar one)






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