Swirling in Bohemian


Hello Friends!

I will start of saying how much I love this skirt. When I first saw this skirt, I thought to myself ” I need this skirt in my life”. First of I love the texture of this skirt, then I felt in love with the color. When I tried it on, I felt really comfortable in it, tip: if it does feel right, then try on similar style in other fabrics, or just don’t buy it. I decided to complement it with a similar texture top, they don’t have to match necessarily but it helps. Because you want to have an elegant effortless overall look, you can go for a monochromatic look or opt for matching colors, but keep in mind you will want to have your matching top, if going to match your skirt with another color, that you will have to choose your top color carefully as you might not want your look to look off colors. If you prefer wearing a pattern skirt, have in mind the top you are matching with, and pair it with solid colors not with pattern top. Now talking more about how I felt swirling around with this silk chiffon skirt, I will admit I was not very fan off Silk Chiffon skirts, until this gem made it’s way in to  my wardrobe. Now these babes are going to stay in my wardrobe for as long as it last…meaning forever. Hope you enjoyed reading, and Like always Thank You so much for stopping by




Top H&M (similar one)

Skirt (similar one)

Coat Tahari

Shoes Jessica Simpson





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