Baby Blue


Hello Dear Visitors!

It’s been a while since I last posted an Outfit Article, but it’s always better late than never right?. With that said since I love my job so Much, and since I miss you guys so much I wanted to do a spring style outfit post. Because obviously Spring is around the corner; technically speaking, becasue here in New York we are already experiencing the warmer temps of spring time, and  blooming of the flowers. Which is a great time to get your jeans jackets out (similar one), and start styling and sorting through your wardrobe and spice things up. I wanted to chose a color that denote spring, and also a color that reflected nature, and not only that but an airy calm color to better reflect my mood for the arrival of spring time. Since I currently have an obsession with baby blue color, and happens to be a perfect color for spring time, why not chose this color to give an airy Welcome to the season of blooms ( Like I name it). I always have you guys in mind, and thought this color might inspired you to wear calm and airy colors, it doesn’t have to be baby blue, it can be pastel pink too, or if you prefer a brighter color why not chose yellow to give a contrast to spring time trends. Also you can opt for Green which on a side note: Is my all time Favorite color.

To give you a little inside info I recently made an splurge sort of speaking, and bought this gorgeous Handbag by the talented designer Chistian Siriano (similar one+ color), and why not mentioned that not only did I loved the baby blue color, but I fell in love with the design, and fabric. Disclose: This post is not Sponsored by Christian Siriano. Not only did I bought my new favorite hand bag but I recently bought this sandals also from Christian Siriano, which I fell in love becasue they are so comfortable to walk around during spring time, but I can could also wear it during summer time; talking about Versatility here. I also loved the thickness of the heels, it makes it even more beautiful, doesn’t it?. I keep telling you guys how much I love versatility, and I tend to think of that when I’m shopping. Because it makes it so much easier to style different outfits with a top, shoes or anything that you can create different styles with. Hope you guys love this outfit so Much!

See you next time!


Outfit of the Day

Denim Jacket Vera Wang (similar one)

Pants H&M ( different color)

Top Aeropostale V- neck cami

Sunglasses Cole Haan

Hand Bag Christian Siriano (similar one + color)

Sandals Christian Siriano




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