Cool ways to wear Leopard print


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Happy Easter, hope you had a fantastic holiday with your love ones. I wanted to share with you all how I love leopard prints, and how better than showing you one of the ways I love styling leopard print blouse. Just in case you thought this kind of prints where settle to be a trend reserve for  Fall or Summer, or when you are on a Safari adventure. Well I am happy to inform you that it doesn’t have to be that way. Depending on how dressed up you want your outfit to be, styling a leopard print blouse, in this case, is super easy. Let’s start with looking for the best print blouse, I should mention that for me the ideal one is button down. The reason I prefer button down blouse as opposed to a t- shirt, or spaghetti strips, one is more versatile and second becasue is classy. With a button down blouse you can go for a casual- sporty look, by pairing them with your favorite sneakers, or you can prefer heels or flats. Styling leopard prints is more versatile than you think, it also varies if your mood is open to mix and match colors, and play dress- up. As you guys can see I decided to do just that, since I love mixing and matching colors, and fabrics. I had this blouse just hanging in my wardrobe, and decided to put it on and started styling them, and pairing them up. I put on Jeans, midi- skirt, leggings, until I put on this blue ankle pants. When I tried them on I instantly got clicked on with them, not only did they unexpectedly twist my mood, but also they made me feel excited to rock them and do an outfit post for you guys. Like I always say my style it’s mostly influence in par with my current mood. Hope you guys enjoyed my tips!


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