Mystery Blues!




Hello  Friends!

I hope is been a fantastic week, full of positive vibes. Ever since the spring began I was brainstorming of new shooting locations with an epic natural view. Since this days have been far from spring temps, I kind of laid back, and started sorting through my wardrobe for new styles to shot. This is when I pulled out my favorite Zara culottes, and tried numbered of tops. Due to the cool temps, I imagine myself on a tropical Island drinking some Pina Colada.   Since I love creating new content specially for you guys, and coming back to my senses  I couldn’t stop, wouldn’t stop. The fantasy of transporting myself on an adventurous escape to a Beach with crystal clear water is not happening until Summer hopefully influenced a lot when choosing my outfit . My reality is that I am here in the city, dreaming of getting tanned and my much needed vitamin Sea, Ha. But anyways,  talking about how I got the brilliant idea, sort of speak, to mix and match fabrics that at the beginning you might think they don’t look good together. Like my mother said when I showed her this outfit, honey too much information on the top and bottom, and I told well this is my style. Then she told me so why are you asking how does it look, and I am like no mom I am just showing what I did. Anyways not to bored you with my stories, let me tell you how much I love this top, but more the details on the sleeves, I fell completely enamor. It magically placed me in the best spring vibes, which to me was much needed. So I ultimately got the feeling that this two pieces together will make a Spring statement, and better yet, it paired perfectly with the new shooting location I recently scouted.  I love the vibe I got when I started shooting, not only was the best place I decided to shot for this outfit, but I had so much fun shooting it. I also wanted to add a pop of color other than blue, and to be honest this single flower that my honey surprise me with while shooting, was the perfect combination for the sake of the pictures, and to make it even more special for you guys. Now to give you a little inspiration when deciding what to wear, or if you are completely confuse on what you want; Read the following.

Fashion is a tool we have to let our creativity  flow. Because Fashion is what you buy, but style is what you do with it. Fashion is like the brush you use when painting,  style is what you decide to create. It doesn’t matter the label or brand of the clothing you wear, is the way you style it and make it your own. So with that said, I encourage you to let your inner beast out, and let your creativity flow. Be yourself and let which ever style you choose best express your creativity, becasue Fashion is about YOU.

Hope you have Enjoyed my post!




Top APT.9

Culottes Zara 

Handbag Christian Siriano

Sunglasses H&M

Watch  Fossil ( similar one)

Lipstick Victoria Secret

*Disclosure: This Post is not Sponsor by Zara or any brands mentioned.





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