Rock n’ Roll



Hello Everyone!

It is clear to say that my style depends partly in what kind of mood I am. So lately I have been wearing lots of blacks, why?, maybe because these days have been mysteriously calm. You might think that when you decide to wear black, you either mad or feeling moody. But none of those are options for me, as for now. Mainly because the next upcoming weeks are going to be jam packed, and super busy with school and planning two exciting trips. Honestly I am not an all black kind of person, but lately there is something about wearing partly black, or all black, that sort of fit perfectly to my current mood, because although my spring break begins in two days, and I am so excited for my short staycation with my Honey. So if you want to know were we are heading bare with me for the next few days, and after that we are planing another exciting trip to a tropical Island. Any guesses?, so if you really want to know were we are heading you might want to stay tune to my Instagram, as the experience unfolds.

You guys as you were sorting through the pictures above, you wondered if what i paired up with my skirt is a top or tunic. To tell you the true is a tight dress from Forever21, that I spontaneously pull off my closet. I wanted to incorporate layers to my outfit, and I think this work for the sake of the style. I love how this skirt from H&M, because is long from the back and short at the front, you can pair it with leather leggings, or a tight tunic or a dress you have, like I did, becasue what’s not to love about versatility; everything!. Hope you love this outfit.



Outfit of the day

Skirt H&M (similar)

Dress Forever21

Leather Moto Jacket Forever21

Handbag Anne Klein (similar)










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