Body Image


Hello you all!

I will start by saying that I felt nervous to do a post wearing a swimwear. I was so shy while doing this photoshoot, because to tell you the truth this type of post is not the primary focus of my blog. But, hey, is almost swimwear season and I couldn’t be more excited about that. I hope you guys loved it as much as I do, but now I want to talk about a topic that is important, especially among us woman, that is Body Image and the way you see yourself.

With the influence social media, and media itself we tend to have an obsession to look our best. It could be for various reason, one of them is to impress others, on our surroundings. This obsession a lot of women have to be skinny, to have a flawless skin, to have the best hair, and be always well- dressed, an be a dangerous pathway, we tend to mislead from our reality. What I mean by this, is that in the pursuit of “perfection” we can kind of forget the way we look at ourselves in the mirror. Our true essence can be influence or can be damage by the constant peer pressure we get from a diverse of sources, such as social media, television, our relatives, friends or even ourselves. Media Image are a major influence on the way we image ourselves, during our tee years, this can be because we see all this celebrities, models look glamorous. During our teen years is when we can easily fall in this “Box” in where a lot of teens are tempted to be in.

Knowing how you feel about your body every time you look at yourself in the mirror, is the beginning of realizing that you are unique, and accept your flaws because nobody is perfect. Begin to feel comfortable about yourself and your body, we can say we all have a body image. We cannot be naive and try to cover up, that in fact body image can be influence by social media, and media itself. But we have the key to let outside influence have a negative/ positive impact towards the way we see ourselves. Body image is shaped by our surroundings, that is from relatives, friends or other types. Your image is shaped by the way your parents see you, or other important people in your life see you.

Personally during my pre-teen years I use to be very skinny, and for that I was often bullied and use to be called names. Sometimes I use to wake up and didn’t want go to school, because I knew that my classmates will make fun of me. I will admit that at the beginning I felt very uncomfortable receiving  those types of comments, but when I was finally a teen I started realizing, that no matter what people said and how they looked at me, my self- steem should not be affected by those comments. It was then that I started accepting my body the way it was, and that I will not let nobody ever,  judge my body and the way I “should” look. Because I began to Love myself, and the way I look. This attitude has help me to not let anybody make fun of my physical appearance, and if they do ignore them, and often feel bad for them becasue maybe they are not happy with their body, and they have let the negative  influence of social media lead their perception of the way we “should” look. Ignoring their true essence of feeling comfortable with their body, and accepting their flaws. To them my advice is to look yourself in the mirror, and start appreciating yourself first, and gradually start to find the beauty that we all have, that way you will not feel tempted to compare yourself to others, yes it takes time but when you know your strength and your weakness, it will be much easier to prioritize the things that make YOU. I hope that this post have been of some help for you! and of course I hope you love this photoshoot.


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Swimwear H&M (similar)


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