Staycation Recap#2



Welcome back!

As you may have notice from my previous posts, and like I have mentioned it on my Instagram. My Husband and I escaped for a little staycation in the city, although it was a short escape we had the most amazing time with each other. We felt as if it was our first time in the city, because as soon as we got to the hotel we stopped almost everywhere to take pictures, as per usual, but this time we knew that we where not far from home but at the same time we wanted to enjoy those days as much as we could. Right after we settle into our room, which was beautiful by the way;with a nice view from our room window. We change clothes quickly and embark into the tourist character in our own city,and walked through places that to be honest I have never pass by before. We went for dinner at a close by Cuban Restaurant called ” La Habana”, and let me tell you guys if you are looking for delicious Hispanic or more specifically Cuban food,this is a great place to stop by. Not only is a local place, but it is a place where you can be sure to spend a nice time.  Not to make you hungry or anything, but if you happen to be around 42 street, be sure to consider this place.

Now I know you guys want to know the details of my outfit, so here it comes, this skirt I’m wearing is custom made to fit my style, I got it from Eshakti as a gift from a collaboration we did. Unfortunately this particular skirt is no longer available, but I have included in the link above similar skirts. Trust me I feel your disappointment, I would be too, becasue I personally know that feeling of having love at first site with an outfit, then find out  it is either out of stock or your size is not available. But I am positive you will find some cute skirts just like this one, so not everything is lost. I wanted to restyle this skirt with a crop top, because if you have been following me for a time now, you may have notice that I have done another outfit post with this skirt. But this skirt i one of those pieces you have in your wardrobe, that you can free your mind with combination possibilities. Since I wore this skirt for an special date night, I wanted to look elegant and chic but at the same time feminine. This black heels were just the perfect match, not only do I love the design, but I love the fact that they are not too high. Now moving to the my hairstyle, I did not want to cover the front part of my top. Not only that but it was very windy that day, and I didn’t want to fight against the wind, you know, so what I did was to flat iron my bangs and to do a low ponytail style, becasue it was the easiest effortless  to, for the sake of the look. Thank You guys for stopping by, and feel free to leave any comments, or like to this look!.

See You next time!



 Outfit of the Day

Skirt Eshakti 

Crop Top  H&M

Moto Jacket Forever21

Cross body purse Shiraleah Chicago 

Bracelet Charming Charlie 



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