Sun Kissed


Welcome Everyone!

This look was inspired by the versatility of my New H&M white sneakers. This sneakers have become my true obsession lately, ever since Spring started I was going crazy because I wanted a new pair of sneakers, that could be worn with different styles, and yet be chic. Since you may have all know, my style is in par with the mood I am. Since the summer is not here yet, and to be honest I cannot wait. Also this culottes I got during winter time from Zara, are my favorite culottes from all time. Not only is super chic and cute, but is so versatile, and you guys know that when it comes to versatility I’m ON. I chose to shot on this location, one because is close to my neighborhood, and two because I knew the vibe I wanted to project on the overall post. My ultimate aim for this shot was to make it airy, fun, and also letting the Sun kiss my skin, since the Summer is around the corner. This post makes it clear my mood while shooting this look for you guys. Maybe you guys have noticed I recently change my hair color through Instagram, that is a personal decision I made due to the damage the bleach did to my hair, so for the pure sake of my hair’s health I decided to go darker. I am currently working on doing another look, and feature my new hair color I hope you all like it. This shot was done using natural light, no flash was needed. I wanted to make it as airy and natural as possible, and I think it came out beautifully. Thanks to my Photographer who happens to be my Husband!


 Outfit of the Day

Culottes Zara

Top Forever21  (similar one)

Sneakers H&M (similar)

Handbag Guess

Hat Magid Hats

Sunglasses Cole Hann 


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