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Shirt-Dress: Some Days Lovi


Shoes: Sole Society


Hello You all!

I hope everything is going by far, as you have wish for. This week have been quite busy for me, not complaining, but I was a bit frustrated because as I promise on my last post. I just turn one year in this fun journey, and I promise I will do an special post to celebrate. I had it planned for early this week, but due to few appointments, an personal things I had going on, I postponed a very special look and post for next week. I recently went to central park on 59 Street, with my little family. Although this look was not planned to make it to the blog, My husband encourage me to do it, while we stroll through the park. As I was walking, I encounter this beautiful architectural building, and it happened to blend with my outfit. I just couldn’t miss this opportunity, to shoot this look and the best part of it was to come across this perfect Backdrop. What can I say, this happens when you love what you do.

Now moving to the details of this look, this Shirt- Dress I recently got from Some days lovin, is so cute and casual, I love the fact that when I saw it, I was already brainstorming how to style it. But also  I love the fabric of this Shirt-dress, it’s really soft, and it’s comfortable to wear for a stroll around the city, or a quick Brunch with your girls, is up to you . I wanted to give it a cool- trendy twist to it, since is Summer I wanted to give it a flare, but yet effortless twist to it. To achieve that I incorporated this Crochet top, best part is that it had that loose flare vibe to it. Since Crochet is so trendy during Summer times, specially to wear it during a fun escape to the beach or pool. Ultimately I was so happy and comfortable shooting this look for you guys. Don’t forget that there is few fun things cooking on here, during the next few days. But for now, Enjoy the rest of the week and Stay tuned for more!







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