Ready. Set. Play

DSC_1517.JPGAre you guys ready to have some outdoor fun? Well, get your summer vibes on.DSC_1604.JPG

My favorite part of the summer is definitely outdoor time with my family. I also enjoy laughing hard,and  making jokes all day long. who doesn’t right. I recently got a surprise box in the mail, and couldn’t wait to open it. This box contain some fun, and essentials goodies perfect for outdoor festivities with your love ones. This incredible box I receive is from PoPsugar Must Have Box for review.DSC_1542

I took out everything out of the box,  and immediately love each item. This trendy chic printed sarong scarf from Hat Attack, not only is the perfect accessory to use as a cover up, but is light-weight.


Maybe by now you may know I love prints. But what I love even more is get to express my creativity through my looks. I enjoy playing with my outfit, because I love having fun while setting up my outfit of the day. My favorite part of a particular garment, is how versatile it is, because I don’t like sticking to one possibilities. Now you learn something new about me.


That is why I decided to have fun and style my scarf differently, I wore it as a top, I wanted to give it a sexy touch to the look, and I think the way I styled this beautiful scarf made the sexy trick.DSC_1548.JPG

Now moving to my second favorite item of this amazing #musthavebox, it is the Wild and Wolf Ridley’s Games Room “Who Am ?” Quiz game. I got excited to play  this Game, and bring it with me to future get together with friends and family too. I will make a confession, while playing this game, I discover a lot of things about celebrities, and/ or past presidents that I didn’t know or forgot.


It is so nice to have the opportunity to share my experience  with this #musthavebox with  you guys. I love letting my creativity out, and I am always excited to bring fresh new content to my blog.DSC_1569

Especially during Summer time, because I get to brainstorm new ideas on how and where to shoot. My favorite part of the Summer other than the Warm weather, is being able to gather together with my family and enjoy life, silly moments, and being able to go back and remember this amazing memories during winter time; but let’s not talk about Winter time for now, right?.image (1).jpg

Moving further to the styling details o this shoot, my ultimate goal was to get our vibes ready for outdoor festivities,BBQ, Picnic- my Son’s favorite. The styling, makeup, hairstyle, and the whole setting, was done by Yours truly. I wanted to make it special, relaxed, and enjoyable, nothing too crazy.DSC_1545.JPG

This shoot is so special to me, not only because I got to review such cool items in collaboration with PoPsugar #musthavebox. But also because I let my creativity flow, and that made it even more special. I got to incorporate thing I love, like Flowers, fruits, and having a relax -yet fun time.


My third favorite item, was this delicious pressels. This pressels were so delicious I ate it almost in a heart beat, well maybe that was too quick, but you know what I mean. This pressed pressels were so delicious,  if you love Sriracha flavor you will understand.


Cheers to that.

My fourth favorite was the sparkly nail polish. Because what girls can live without nail polish?, or at least that’s what I think. This fun nail polish is from NCLA , and I like the patriotic vibe to it. Just perfect to wear it for Independence day, yay.You can style it how ever you want, if you prefer wear it alone, or as an added coat to another nail polish, to give it a contrast.


My hairstyle was an easy to do messy half top knot. I personally love this hairstyle, because is perfect to rock it during the weekends.


I wanted to give it a little volume to my hairstyle. Giving it a relaxed beach waves effect, I think worked.DSC_1587.JPGDSC_1565.JPGDSC_1581

Since I receive so many cute items, I wanted to incorporate everything in my photoshoot. This Underarm Deodorant wipes, Yep I thought you didn’t guess that, is so essentials during Summer time, specially during those unwanted humid days. Staying fresh all summer long is so important, and carrying around with your deodorant isn’t chic, right?, so Luckily Pacifica created this travel-ready wipes to save you from unwanted odor. If you are a coconut scent fan you will love it.


Thank You so much for making it all the way down here. that means the world to me. I hope you have enjoy this post. I put my heart to it, so together we get ready for Summer fun.





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