We are One!


Hello You all!,

It all started one year ago, when I finally decided to share my passion for fashion, and writing. At first I frankly had no idea into what I was getting myself into.


All I knew is that I wanted to share my passion, but always projecting my personal touch to it. By now, you may all know my all time obsession with prints. As I was getting the hands on this fun journey, I began feeling more comfortable, sharing with you all my style. To be honest, I felt somewhat anxious and nervous, because I had no idea if I would ever get some sort of feedback from you guys.


I have learn so much, and I have a lot to learn from this adventure I have embark. But I love what I do, this is a challenge for me, and I love challenging myself.


I enjoy styling every outfit, because each one represents my aesthetics. That to me is one of the most important features of blogging, is being yourself. Showcasing your style and embracing what makes you unique. I am learning a bunch, and that is what keeps me motivated each time. Although I may not have thousands of followers, I love reading your comments, and each like means a lot to me.


One aspect that I enjoy the most, apart from styling looks, is scouting new locations. I enjoy shooting my looks on different locations, because each outfit represents different moods. Sometime I don’t get to shoot in every location I have pre-planned, and I can get frustrated. But that doesn’t stop me from shooting for you guys.


This is the special shoot in celebration of my one year sharing with you guys part of my life. I was brainstorming on the title to give to this special post. But all I had in mind, honestly, was you guys. That is why I named it ”We are One”, because you guys are an essential part of this.


Being the creative creature that I am, not bragging here. I have decided I want to add new content to my blog, but with a different approach. I will not tell you yet, but I am super excited with this Idea, and can’t wait to hear what your thoughts are.


It will be amazing, if you guys give me some sort of inspiration. I have some fun ideas in mind, but is so important to read what you guys think or what you want to see more of.        DSC_1709DSC_1714.JPG

Is it makeup, home decor, DIY, hairstyles, or something else?


All I can tell you is that I am super excited to add new features on my blog. Now with all that being said, let’s talk about the outfit on this shoot. Since is summer time, and that always calls for bright colors, I was wondering which colors to add to this look without moving away from my aesthetics?. Since I normally don’t wear orange color, I thought it will be great to implement that color to this look. But the problems is that since I normally don’t wear this color, I don’t have an orange top, but I quickly remember that I have a dress which happens to be the color I was opting for. I decided to style it differently, and wore it as a top, and tuck this dress inside this printed skirt. When I saw myself in the mirror, I instantly click with the vibe this look transmitted. My favorite part of the details of this look, is undoubtedly the one side open sleeves. It has that perfect fresh, and flared vibe to it, the tubs up of the sleeve is that is open, airy, and has that chic style, that I adore. Hope you have enjoy this Special post, as much as I did, while shooting it, I put my heart to it. WE are One!



Outfit details

Dress: Double Zero

Skirt: Aeropostale

Sneakers: H&M

Sunnies: H&M





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