Rooftop vibes!

Hello you all,

Maybe I am not the only one, who enjoys the vibes that a day or night, in a rooftop gives.

image (34)

I personally love to take advantage of getting a tan, sometimes I don’t get the chance to go to the Beach. So, the idea of a relax time up there in a beautiful rooftop, is unforgettable.

image (19)

My second favorite thing, is the amazing view you get to experience while all the way up. Is an experience that I personally love, to have such beautiful memories.

image (35)

As you can see from this picture above, yes I love laying on the floor while I get tanned, and why not capture that moment. Obviously I take my pants off for this, and just wear my swimsuit.

image (36)

I don’t know about you, but wouldn’t it be ideal to have a rooftop accessible everyday?. Maybe without thinking much, your answer is yes. So, guess what you are not alone in this. I will love to have an apartment with access to such beautiful rooftops.

image (37)

Since I enjoy this view so much, I wanted to document it, and give some inspiration or illusion, you will say, of how it will be to have an apartment with a  rooftop.

image (19)image (24)

But after that fantasy of having a rooftop, is time to go back to reality. Now moving on with the story behind this look. I wanted to incorporate tropical vibes to my overall look, but happens to be that I couldn’t find a top in my wardrobe, that instantly gave me that vibe I was opting for.

image (49)image (48)

Luckily, I bought this swimsuit, a few months ago. Believe it or not it is a swimsuit, which came in handy to wear it as a one piece top. Best of all, it had that tropical vibe I was looking for.

image (50)image (40)image (4)

As you may all know by now, and if you scroll through my Instagram feed, you will know my love for nature, and flower garden. This rooftop provided everything from a good source of Natural light, the perfect opportunity to get a tan, flower garden, and an epic view. What else can you ask for.

image (43)

Moving on the details of this look. Because we know details matter. My swimsuit worn as a one piece top, is from H&M, unfortunately is no longer available, but in the link I provided you can purchase similar cute ones.

image (44)

My culottes are from Zara, you may have seen this before, as I have blog about them before. But I love it so much I keep wearing them from fall to summer. My other  favorite, but new addition to my handbag collection, is this Beautiful chic white Purse I was gifted, for my Birthday from a Friend of mine, it is from  Christian Siriano, (similar one). I love this purse so much and have been wearing it a lot lately.

I hope you all have enjoyed this look and post, See you next time for more Dose of Styling.




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