Loose Beach waves (for short hair)


Hello Guys!

Welcome again, as you can see I just added a new feature on my blog, and created my first Hairstyle tutorial for you guys. This is so new to me, but at the same time is exciting . This is the first time ever, I create a  tutorial in my life!!. But I can’t wait to read your feedback on this. I created this new segment on my blog and YouTube channel , because I love creating different hairstyles. I also love the fact that, by transforming your hair into a desire hairstyle, changes the whole appearance of your entire look.  To do this, I am collaborating with Herstyler.com, to achieve trendy hairstyles. I am using their 3P Curler set, this set brings three amazing curling barrel , to achieve your desire look. Say you want loose Beach waves, Tight Beach waves, or amazing show stopping bouncy curls. Well, Great news, look no further, because your girl got you cover.

I have partnered up with them, for few reasons, one is that I recently discover their hair styling tools, and happens to be that they also have hair care products. I mean how cool is that, so I wanted to incorporate my first Hairstyle tutorial, by using their tools, and hair products. This set includes three barrels but different sizes, the wider barrel is 25 mm barrel diameter. The second one, is 18-25 mm, and the third is 9-18 mm. In this tutorial, I also use their amazing Argan oil Hair Serum, let me tell you guys is so great, it leaves your hair smooth, shiny, and looking so healthy. So for this hairstyle tutorial, I am creating Loose Beach waves, mainly for short hair. Because having short hair can be a little bit challenging when you are styling your hair. But I promise you guys I am going to show you every tip you need to know, on how to best style your beautiful short hair.

To let you guys know on when to expect hairstyle tutorial videos, I decided I will upload every Fridays on my YouTube channel. My next video upload I will be doing my second trendy hairstyle using Herstyler tools too. In total there will be three hairstyles tutorial on the upcoming days using Herstyler. But of course, I will be using them a lot on my tutorials.




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