Red Touch in Paradise!


It’s been a while that I haven’t posted an outfit post. Ever since I went on a tropical Adventure, that I enjoyed very much.


When I was packing for my trip, I felt so excited, and I could help it. Because it has been a while since I don’t go overboard. When I touch down in the Dominican Republic, I just couldn’t contain myself because I instantly knew it was relaxation time.


I will confess that I pack a lot of different looks, because I like to have options. So, with that said, this outfit was one of my favorite. Not only because I got this LBD specially for my vacation, but because it was just perfect for the weather out there. The sleeves is my favorite part of this cute Dress.


This trip was so relaxing and so fun, I spend a lovely day in a private villa. With an amazing view and pool. Unfortunately Due to the Cyclonic weather out there I couldn’t go to the beautiful beaches. But better safe than sorry right?.


But that didn’t stop me from having a great time with my family. One of the things I personally love about a tropical Island is Palm trees, and I snap almost all of them. Now moving on to what I did on this beautiful Caribbean Island, I call my Homeland. Because in fact it is, even though I was born in New York city, my entire family is from this incredible Tropical Island. Now you have a little background of where I come from. I can tell you guys, I enjoyed every day I was there, family time, coconut water (one of my favorite things to drink) of course when I am on vacation. It’s just like a natural thing to drink. But now that I gave you details on how my vacation was, I want to talk a little bit more on the detail of this outfit. I will tell you this, it was so humid out there I couldn’t have my hair loose for more than 20 minutes, because it instantly started to get frizzy, and unmanageable. So, to defeat that I just constantly braided my hair. But that didn’t bother me after all, because I love braiding my hair. Let’s talk about this hat, isn’t so gorgeous, I personally love the pop of red I chose to give to this overall look. It came in handy with the backdrop, my LBD from Express, and my lace up flats from Loft (exact ones).


To give you a little story about this look, I was so excited to pair everything, and was ready to go photoshoot it outside, but little did I know, it suddenly started raining. But since I was so excited to shoot this look, I decided to take advantage of the fact that, we had this incredible spot, that provided a great source of lighting, and such a beautiful view. That to me was so important, because although I didn’t have the chance to go outside that day, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to show you guys this look. So here is one of the looks I paired up during my vacation, Hope you guys have enjoyed it!. Stay tuned, because I would be posting more looks on my escape to paradise.






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