Hey Guys,

First of all, I wanted to thank you for stopping by. With that said, I am so excited to share this look, because it describes so much about me.If you have been following me since the beginning or in between. You may already know how much I love prints,and coordinating patterns. It is fun and interesting to match patterns, that at first you won’t even dare to put together.


I find it so appealing and intriguing, because some of us are sometimes accustomed to our daily looks. That, we often forget to look outside the box,  and play with what we have in our closet.


The first thing that we often do especially us Woman, is to go straight to spare some bucks in new clothes. One of the Major reason is, that we are so desperate to wear the perfect show stopping outfit, and often forget that we can create so many looks using what be have. Truth is that Fashion is Art, meaning that you are free to express your mood, your style, the best way your imagination leads you.


We should take advantage of that, and realize that Fashion is such a powerful tool that we have, and therefore we shouldn’t be afraid or set back to express our unique style.


We can’t deny and say that we are often tempted to be always up to date with the latest in trends. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I should say one thing, and is that the majority of us can’t afford CHLOE bags, or Gucci shoes, Dior, and many more.


I have heard a phrase long ago, and to be honest I live by it. It said, ” You don’t need money to be stylish”, meaning that you really don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars, to be considered stylish. Of course, I am not saying that you should always refrain from buying that Gucci bag that you have wanted for years. But, this goes in part with priorities. If you know that you have bills to pay, buy food etc. Before following your instinct and desires, think about how many of bills you can pay with the money you have decided to splurge. Again, I am not against that, I am trying to make a clear point here. Is that if you really want an expensive bag, for example, save until you are sure your priorities are set.


I apologize if in any way, I am hurting your feelings. That is not my intention, my goal is to speak in a way, for may of us that sometimes feel the urge to have an expensive bag. But I consider that the above quote should always be in our mind, when we are about to make a splurge. I personally think of my priorities, if that has been set, I will not do what you might think I will do. With the fraction of what a Gucci bag cost I will buy several looks.


My whole point here is that Fashion is an Art, and that you should have fun with it. Let it be one of the best tools you have, and dare to be you, embrace your own kind of beauty. Be confident, not only to look good but to feel good. Hope my thoughts, help you embrace your own kind of Beauty.



                                                   Outfit Details:                                                                                    


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