Caribbean Casual style


I don’t know how come I completely miss to post this look. It was one of my favorite outfit, I wore during my vacation in the Caribbean. But thankfully, I was recently scrolling through my vacation pics, and came across this casual look, that I loved so much. Because it represents my mood during my vacation, which was relax, casual and chic.


I remember how excited and happy I was that day, I was going back and forth, from getting a tan, exploring more of my beautiful Island, that is the Dominican Republic.


Before I went to the Caribbean, I bough this pair of shades from Loft. All I could say is that I love them, because they are so photogenic, and dramatic. It complemented my overall look, although this look is relaxed and chic, I wanted to add a statement piece and I think this shades did just that.


Now let’s cover beauty/makeup matters, I knew before I landed on paradise, that I wanted my makeup to consist of bronze, contouring and getting that sun-kissed skin/makeup.



As you can see from the picture above I kept it natural looking, yet added that sun-kissed vibe to it. FYI I decided not to edit this picture so you can see how my make-up look without any touches to it. I apply a pink-nude color to my lips to dd a natural yet flawless touch to my makeup. I also put on a little highlight to my chicks, which I have become obsessed with.



Below are the details of this look, hope you have enjoy this look and serves as an inspo, to give you an idea on the types of makeup to rock, during your vacation in a Caribbean Island like the Dominican Republic. Keep checking the blog, as I will be recapping another summer look from my vacation.




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