Red Protagonist


Hello Everyone!

Maybe you are thinking where have I been. Well, if you have been following me on Instagram, you know I am frequently posting new looks. But, I have been quiet on this forum lately, well, literately since last year.


Pretend I was on a Isolated Island, taken by villain pirates. But, found a way out, and here I am, and this time I will have new content to post more frequently for you guys. Not only do I owe it to you, but I love what I do, and share my love for styling looks, and creating fresh new content.



As a promise from me to you, I will be sharing more looks here, and if for some reason I don’t get to create a whole article on a particular look.  I will create a Shop my look session, to make sure you guys can shop my looks, and keep you posted on what’s new.



That been said, let’s move on to what matters. I know you want more details on this amazing casual look. Let me start, by stating that I am obsessed with how effortless this outfit turned out.



To be honest, it took me few minutes to put it together. Usually I pre-plan my looks the day before. But, this time was not the case; I put on this navy blue pants I got a while ago, from H&M. It is one of those pants, that an be easily style with any top.


So, sine I love the metallic fabric of this top, which by the way, happens to look like is a pajama blouse. Not said by me, but by my mom and husband. But, maybe you are think the same thing. Anyways, the main reason I wanted to share with you this look, is this statement red jacket I recently got.


It happens to be Red just around Valentine’s day. Which is ironically fantastic and Ideal. So, if you are looking for the perfect statement jacket for a date night with your Valentine, this Jacket makes the perfect addition to your Valentine look.


I am being honest, when I say you can wear it with any look, you are planning to wear for that Special day. Think a lovely black dress, or anything velvety, or if you want to look more cash-ual a lovely pleated dress or skirt. Will, without doubt look amazing under this statement jacket.


Anything from pumps open toes heels, paired with this Red protagonist, will make of you a show stopper. this jacket is from a brand called Gabriella Rocha, you can find their clothing, handbags, and more on Unfortunately, I search the whole website, and couldn’t find this jacket, but they have similar jackets, and amazing selection of handbags.


Look of the day

Red jacket:

Cardigan: Forever21

Loose pants: H&M

Shoes: Forever21

Handbag: Christian Siriano







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