Furry and Leather.


Hello Babes!

Thank you for stopping by, today I am delighted to share a fun photo-shoot. As you know I love sharing new content and looks for you guys; this is no exemption. Since my favorite time of the year is winter, not only for the snow, which is a major part of why I love Winter season so much. But for the variety of winter looks, I get to style and put together. Personally, is a great opportunity to play with layering, scarfs and why not  fumy looking  furry hat like this one.


You can’t tell in the pictures, but believe it I was freezing my butt. All worth it, I am in love how the pictures turned out. Gotta say, my Husband is the best photographer  I know ; He gets my perfect angles-I mean.


I am a lucky girl, to have the best Husband- I get to share with him, my passion for photography, and so lucky that he enjoys taking pictures of me. What else a woman can ask for?.


I love getting photographed by him because he knows my best angle, he helps me prep, and even gives me posing tips. Best part is all for free.


That means, I get to schedule a shoot with him, yes, schedule, because you know is free but he is a busy working man. So I tell him in advance or ask if he can do it.


But I am so grateful, he never says no. Because he knows my passion for this. So, moving from that to another topic, I know you love-Fashion.


Let’s take a moment and appreciate this cute and feminine dress, I recently got from my aunt. I fell in love with the details, the flurry details on the bottom. The cool details on the sleeves, I mean it goes on and on.


Since is too short to wear alone, I pair it with my leather-like tight leggings. I have to say it turn-out marvelous. I grabbed my best furry friend, I mean my winter hat, and head over to my closet, for the best pairing shoes to go with the flow of this look. At first I was thinking of my white high-platform sneakers from H&M. But then, I said to myself-no lets give it a cool yet classy twist to it.


This shoes were just the perfect matched, to the overall vibe I was opting for. I love the studs details. Therefore, from  all my shoes, this made the race.


Hope you have enjoy this look, and felt the vibe I wanted to project through the images. Hope you come back soon for fresh new content.








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